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It’s Just Not Working

May 17, 2017 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

One of my friends is a painter, the other a writer and one a geek, as she says. When we were at dinner, we talked about the chaos of the world, the frustration of people talking on their cell phones in restaurants, and hurt feelings.

I also shared about my thinking about the life of a scientist. They are trying to discover something they have never known, what a thrill that must be and for sure a frustration. They seem to live a different mindset about risking and not having things work out. At times, I for sure am too attached to getting what I am reaching towards, but better than I use to be at, “well, just keep going, let that go.”

We all talked about how we, “stay too long at the fair.” All the signs are there that you need to walk away and yet we plow forward. It’s a drought here.

Each of us has had to walk away from friendships that were self-centered or negative. Oh man, that was painful. I have worked at putting my voice in the room and being “straight forward, throwing the arrow,” as I call it, This is a conversation I once had, “I feel used. You call me when you have problems and then you have to go. I would like you to call and ask about my day and how I am doing. We have talked about this before. What’s your take on what this is all about?”

All of us at dinner agreed we have to walk away sooner and stop the conversations that are repetitive with no action changes. Two of us are what we call peacemakers and one is more cut throat.

What makes it easy and what makes it challenging to ask for what you want? Well, if I am in a good place that day, I go for it. If my doubter has grabbed me, maybe I don’t speak up. If I remind myself I won’t die from taking this risk, then I laugh and go for it. When I say, this is hard to say, as an intro, so please listen and let’s pause at times, then I step up. Oh, just pull the Band-Aid off and go for it. You don’t have to plan and be so kind. Guess who says that?

“My time is too valuable to spend with people who are takers and non-listeners almost all of the time.” They say they get it and yet they do the same same over and over when we get together. Well, my time matters and still I have a long history with that friend and walking away is so sad.

I wonder, does the GIVER actually get to feel more in CONTROL, which is their comfort zone? There are two sides, the plus of the GIVER and the blind spot of the GIVER. Ah, the birth of the SCIENTIST. There it is… We shall see.

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