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Life In Transition, Now What?

October 9, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

Natalie will be facilitating a Zoom support group for those who are no longer where they use to be and unsure of where they are heading.

What you hoped for maybe didn’t show up.   Life changes over and over we know that but what we have not known is NOW WHAT? How do I figure out what will add meaning which matters more than simply filling my days? How do I practice tools that will lift me when I collapse? How do I live in the unknown? 

Natalie is excited to be with you and share inspirations and wisdom from her own unexpected experiences and from her work with clients globally who sit and wonder, NOW WHAT?

Date: November 2. Tuesday MORNING 7:00-8:30 AM PACIFIC TIME

This will be a small group in order for everyone to be supported.

Email for further information and questions.

Life will continue to change. Each of us wants access to our inner world that is a safe, unique, and a caring place. Through a series of questions and easy experiences, that inner world reveals.

Take good care,


Empty Nest Support Group

October 9, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

I am excited to offer an EMPTY NEST SUPPORT GROUP via ZOOM on October 19th.

The space is limited because I want everyone to have a chance to participate and receive support. I know this is a major life change because I have also lived it.

Tuesday October 19, 7:00am – 8:30am PACIFIC TIME.

Please email for further information as space is filling fast.  I look forward to being together with everyone and offering suggestions for you.

Join Natalie with Omega Teachers Studio on January 19, 2022

October 7, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

Learn how to deal with transitions and build new perspectives on the path to change with motivational speaker and storyteller, Natalie Caine.

You are at a crossroad. Change is on the horizon, just within your reach. You aren’t where you used to be and not yet where you will be.

Transitions are places of pausing and feeling, floating above your life for a new view. You need time to think and dig into the earth to cultivate parts of you that had to go dormant and now want to blossom.

You find your rhythm over and over, and from that grounding, you step. 

In this 2-hour Omega Teachers Studio, motivational speaker and storyteller Natalie Caine shares wisdom, tips, and support as you deal with both easeful and challenging transitions.

How will you “put your toe in the water” toward a new beginning? Your time with Natalie will help you refocus on yourself and stay open to possibilities. As you take that first step, you:

  • Learn to ask yourself questions to build a meaningful life
  • Find what you need to let go of and what to reach for
  • Discover who you really are who you aren’t and, from there, find the resources within to pull yourself up

Join Natalie on this journey to empowerment as she shows you how to create an inner place of well-being and focus. 

Join live on Wednesday, January 19, 7:00-9:00 p.m. EST (4:00-6:00 p.m. PST). For registered participants, this class will be available on demand after the live session is complete.

How to Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome During the Pandemic

August 9, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments


Natalie was a featured interview at Lifehacker for their “How to Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome During the Pandemic” article.

The biggest challenge that comes with kids moving out is the process of re-establishing their identity outside of their role as a parent. “Parents are struggling with, ‘What is my role?’” Caine said.

Going from the busy schedule of full-time parenting to a quieter, more empty home can be a sharp shock—even if it’s the second time they’ve moved out. For a lot of parents, this is a time to rely on their support network, which includes friends and family, and it’s a good time to re-evaluate some of their own goals and dreams.

“Let yourself enjoy dreaming about something you’ve never done before that you might want to do,” Caine said. “You need to start having your dream list and your reality list.”

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July 22, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

I am excited to invite you to a support group via ZOOM.  I continue to dream we can meet in person and at the same time, based on your requests, I am not waiting.  Therefore, ZOOM gathering for now.  

As you know, I have been through a long list of painful, unexpected changes from an early age, as well as, choosing to re-invent my career over a decade ago. How do we access parts of us that could be an ally for change? How do we build a meaningful life and not just fill it up to stay busy?

Three of the most common questions I am asked, whether one on one in sessions or during presentations and retreats, are:


  • How do I even know what is fun for me?  I haven’t focused on myself in that way for a long time and I don’t really have close friends anymore.
  • How do I begin spiritual practices because I don’t have any that i do?  
  • How do I figure out what I want to do?  

I have been facilitating support groups since 1982 and it is fun and powerful to be with others who have similar doubts, questions, hopes unfulfilled and possibilities.  

Email me for information, SPACE is limited because I want each to have time to participate. I look forward to hearing from you.

I also am one who likes to prepare and at the same time is hopeful (Hope is my middle name). If life asks us to be still again and not venture out as we have been able to do for a short time, that transition as you know is very challenging.

I will be sharing what is helpful, what is not, and what you can develop for a good life in stillness.  

Take good care,



July 22, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | 3 Comments

I am excited to offer this support and am still dreaming of meeting in person as we did before.  Space is limited because I want each to have time to participate. Tools, tips, support, new friendships. Email for further information:

We have all been through a very unexpected journey and it’s time to prepare again for resources needed both internally and externally. I heard you when you asked to meet on Zoom to be with others who are in the empty nest or about to launch. I look forward to answering your questions.

Take good care,


Pandemic Empty-Nest Syndrome at AARP

May 28, 2021 | by lheidel | No Comments

Natalie was a featured expert in the AARP article “Do You Have Pandemic Empty-Nest Syndrome?

Here’s an excerpt:

Natalie Caine, founder of Empty Nest Support Services, says she’s seen a recent “wave” of parents seeking help with the readjustment to post-pandemic family life.

Caine says one key for parents struggling to adjust to an empty nest is working through the deeper feelings their child’s departure may evoke, like a sense of purposelessness or loss of identity. She also notes that it’s not uncommon for empty nesters to have realizations that go beyond the parent-child relationship, like reevaluating their marriage or career.

Addressing challenging feelings through therapy, a support group or with a trusted religious leader can be helpful, she says. And don’t forget the small stuff either: Something as simple as stocking meals in your freezer if you know you won’t feel like cooking after a college drop-off can go a long way toward easing the initial transition.

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May 24, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

Today she called asking, “I have no idea what to do that will be worth it.”  I too have sat in that empty room wondering now what?  She left a career, her husband, and her kids were full adults in the world.   She did not feel like knitting nor becoming the expert at what tv shows are worth your time. 

She wanted something that got her excited to get out the door. She wanted to do something she never did in her past.  She wanted her life to be meaningful.  This is what she discovered after writing, walking, being with friends, and solo time.

“I want to volunteer in my neighborhood working with all ages of people. I want to listen and talk with them, walk with them, color together, cook, read out loud, dance, sing along, watch tv and talk about what just happened there.”

She began by telling people she was available. She did not post anything in the beginning. She also told herself she could change her mind and she told them the same. 

At this stage of her life, she wanted freedom daily to decide what mattered to her.  She was frugal. She was responsible.  She had been a leader all her life. Now she was on the hunt for a part of her that she never met, that lay dormant or undiscovered within her.

She knew her unrealistic expectations or her lack of patience might be a blind spot.  She took them along, as well as her playfulness and trust in something larger than herself. She is continuing her hunt and has many days that make her laugh.

What do you want to begin today?  Who do you want to call?  What notes do you want to write to yourself?  Where will you go for a walk? 

Take good care,


Families Preparing for Their Child Off to College

May 22, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

In our parenting group, I suggested they write a LETTER to their child about what they appreciate about them and what they, the parents, learned from them. Of course, I passed around the softest Kleenex as parents wrote their notes to their children. I too had tears, even though my daughter is years beyond that hug goodbye at the dorm.

Then we talked about what does each parent HOPE for themselves and dream to become? This was a challenging write.  Hearing each other share how they haven’t focused on themselves and don’t really know what’s next for them, helped everyone not feel alone on this milestone change.

Everyone said this preparing time is so busy with graduation, open houses, to do list for purchases and mailing, that the anxiety and tears mostly fall in the night.  They know once they are back home, the emptiness and SILENCE at home will be heartfelt.

Have a list of MOVIES you want to watch, freeze some MEALS for yourself, let one or two FRIENDS know you would like them to come over when back home, PARTNERS plan something for each other and have that be a surprise and maybe consider taking a short TRIP after the college drop off for a fun adventure in that part of the world.

Life gets more FUN beyond the empty nest. Each person travels with their own shoes and stumbles, sits to weep, and to dream.  You carry both the new freedom and the missing of the ROLE you had that changes when they leave after high school graduation.

Take good care,



May 14, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

Empty Nest is around the corner. Now is great joy that your child graduated. They are off to seek dreams and ways to give back.

Give back.  That may surprise you at this time where you and your family have been through an unimaginable challenging time but giving back comes in a range of choices. 

Is it opening doors for others, literally opening that heavy door for another or opening doors in ways that give hope, give listening for their heart aches, or making something happen for them that they aren’t even thinking about? One of my favorite ways of giving is writing a letter of what I learned from them and what I adore.

Graduation.  Reflection time may arrive later. Wow, what have I been through, what has been so fun for me, and what are possibilities?  Celebrating is now.  This might be a time that you are walking with both excitement and uncertainty of what your new adventure will ignite in you. How are you at asking for help?  Both students and parents have called me saying,” I have no idea what will come in August or September when we hug goodbye at the dorm, but I know I shut down when frightened or hurt.”

I think all of us shut down at times and other moments we find a way to ask for help. Keep the choice in your back pocket that you can say OUCH, I just got hurt, left out, lonely, regretful, confused and need some help. Remind yourself others have traveled this as well and that you do have one person you know that can hear you and want the best for you. Call that person.

Today is about naming all you are proud of living.  Today is about the to do list for the launch and the list of possibilities that will give you a meaningful life and ways to step into open fields.


Take good care,


Empty Nest Is Around the Corner, Now What?

May 8, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

Parents have been calling about their children leaving in August, September or already on their way to college.  Yes, they knew this day would arrive. They are proud. They are also unexpectedly crying and feeling alone with a well of emotions.

I remember the to-do list before dropping my child at college.  The parties to celebrate and say goodbye as she was going 3,000 miles from home and knew not one person.  She made a choice for herself that fortunately worked out fantastic.  It was not of course during Covid.

One thing I pass to you in this moment is that you are going through a grieving for what you didn’t have time to make happen, or missed out on for whatever reason, or just wanted more time with them in the role you have had, not the new role.

You prepared them well enough for this major life transition.  Now time to prepare and focus on you once they are dropped off and you are back home.  You choose the timing to plan for you and explore who you are now. You for sure, are not alone on this road.

Your generosity, even if not mentioned, is one you know you gave and will continue to give, maybe in new ways.

Take very good care,


Re-Entering After Covid

May 4, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

Hugging those you missed and beginning to make plans for fun is bringing new vitality.  What clients have shared with me is they want to feel “normal life” again. They also feel vulnerable and are so sick of the uncertainty.

We all know change in our lives keeps happening.  What helps you to step forward a bit and at the same time hold the awareness that each of us chooses what works for them and it may be different than your choices.   Couples have shared, that one is ready to step out for adventure and the other is not.

Re-entering asks us to check in with ourselves about what really matters to us now.   What preparation can each make to move with uncertainty into the world and be able to change our minds?

Before Covid, you remember those days, you were negotiating with partners and friends.  You know how to communicate without backing someone into a corner where they get defensive. Ask questions, for example, what do you want to do that feels ok for you?  What do you think I want to do? Is there anything I can do to help you? One woman shared with me that she isn’t afraid of Covid since she got vaccinated, but she is afraid of people who are angry out in the world and that she might get caught in their rage either while walking or driving. Does that come up for you?

I suggest when communicating, begin with your strengths. “I can research who is serving food and what protocols are in place.  Oh, well, I can check into what our friends feel safe and not safe about when we meet.”

A caring man called to say he can’t stop thinking about the bargains he missed out on booking when the world was shut down.  Then he realized he just wasn’t ready to make the decision. It was enough for him to stay safe, feel hopeful, and not sit with cheese and crackers every night in front of the tv.

Change. It happens over and over. Look back at times you handled it well and times you might have done better. Look with gentle eyes, not the frowned critic.

Take good care.

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