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What Questions Are You Asking Yourself?

July 24, 2023 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

1.    Maybe you have an idea you want supported?  Get a few friends together and have brunch and conversations with Natalie? 

2.    Are you struggling with loneliness, unfilled days, and wondering how to have new meaning at this stage of your life. 

3.    Have you made mistakes with your adult children and wonder “what is my modern role as a grandparent?” It could be empty nest is around the corner or you are sitting in it. Who are you beyond being their parent?  

4.    What do you want to surface just for you that had to go dormant? Are you sitting with the questions “I want to retire but I don’t want to just run errands. I don’t want to lose community, I want to move, but where and how”? 

6.    I want an inner world that doesn’t leave when the outer is chaotic.  How do I build that inner world for just me as a quiet, wise, safe space?  

7.     How do I say what I have been holding back to my friends, family members, partner, colleagues? (Honest, respectful communication with each other).

We all have questions, and it is more fun to get support and for sure more hopeful.


•    Step back from your thoughts and consider a range of new possibilities.  “Maybe I don’t have to have it figured out to try something.  I can change my mind.”

•    Have fun advising yourself sometimes. “Hi Kate, as your best friend, I suggest, since you asked, that you…” Write it and ask it five times. Then read it to yourself out loud.

•    The pain will not last forever and for now, for whatever reason, you are feeling pain, grief, limitations.  Be gentle with yourself. Stop the pusher and the critic, “I hear you and I’ve got this.  Leave.”

•    Don’t go it alone on this unexpected or even expected road you are walking.


 Happily, I will be living a 
 bi-coastal life…
 Los Angeles and New York.
 If you would like
 time together in New York or
 Los Angeles, email or call me.

I am returning to THE GOLDEN DOOR RESORT & SPA, near San Diego, to teach and work one-on-one with the guests for the week of SEPTEMBER 10.

If I can answer any of your questions about the wellness , friendships, laughter, food, re-charge, and offerings at THE GOLDEN DOOR RESORT, email me.

I will be in conversation with the guests about a life in transition, now what? At any stage of life, we have questions.

Take good care of yourself in these crazy weather days and travel uncertainties.

I look forward to hearing from you and you letting me know what questions you are pondering………Natalie

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