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What Questions Are You Asking Yourself?

1.    Maybe you have an idea you want supported?  Get a few friends together and have brunch and conversations with Natalie?  2.    Are you struggling with loneliness, unfilled days, and wondering how to have new meaning at this stage of your life.  3.    Have you made mistakes with your adult children and wonder “what is
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‘A Bonding of Belonging’

PALISADIAN-POST, in Pacific Palisades, Ca. March 30, 2023, interviews Natalie Caine, M.A., about her company, Life In Transition. Palisadian Natalie Caine Offers Support to Groups Experiencing Life Changes As people across the globe are faced with new life transitions every day, many decide to reach out for guidance and support from those who can provide
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Hello and here we go…

I am excited about 2023.  I plan to continue to be gentle with myself and others. Communication has been my passion even before I became a Speech Therapist and then re-invented my career, leaving Speech Therapy, to help those who are seeking meaningful lifestyles, more coping skills for the unknown, and healings from the unexpected. 
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Some Thoughts that I Noticed, and Now Share with You

I feel the happiness of being together with people who are part of my circle, both family and friends, during this holiday season.  I also know I am an over doer… been working on that and must say, just asking myself… do I really need to be doing this right now? has helped me shift. 
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Holidays Are Around The Corner

Natalie is sharing lines to “We Always Have Beauty” and “Inspirations”. She is sharing these now because it is a place to pause during your day and feel something besides the challenges that we all live. It is a new habit to make time for beauty, right out your window. Holidays are around the corner.
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Let’s Be Together Before the Holidays in November on Zoom.

This is a support group for you. Even good news needs support, don’t you think? So, share good news as well when we gather.  You can email me questions before Monday and I will talk about it anonymously on our Zoom. I want each of you to have this safe space for questions, conversations, and
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Holidays and Hurt

Holidays are around the corner. What communication with your family members are you wondering how to do better this season? Email me for a list of suggestions Depending on the relationship, all families are unique, maybe schedule a time on the phone with the person before the holidays. “Hey Sis, I keep spinning about
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Re-Inventing Yourself: I Did It.

You want to have a positive impact on others.  You do know you have gone as far as you can go in the career you have and you also hear loud and clear, “I don’t like my job.”  So now what? Your life in transition invites you to try an orchestra of ideas, not just
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What’s Your Wisdom?

Empty Nesters, grandparents, those on the edge of retiring, I notice you forget to acknowledge your wisdom. For that matter, all ages forget to say the good in them.  We are trained it seems to focus on solving problems.  I suggest you make time for the great about you.  How have you helped others?  Write
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Empty Nest

I am hoping my experience will help others during the major life transition of being an empty nester or becoming one. Aren’t you surprised you are here, an empty nester, verses starting the school year shopping with your kids for a fresh, new beginning outfit, backpack, parent meeting?  You are not alone.  Please email
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Empty Nesters Are Calling

“My house and life now feels so small. My kids are all in college or working.”  Yes, we wanted this for them. We are proud. What do we do with this empty feeling and the lack of giving to them?” It takes time to find your new rhythm. One day you think you have it
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Left My Job

Oh, the road to change with both intrigue and dark turns. Transitions.  As you have read in the news and maybe know for yourself, people are choosing different lifestyles because of what they lived during lockdown and loss. I changed my career over a decade ago and added to it. I have never looked back. 
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Natalie Caine, M.A.