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Empty Nest Expectations

Transitions keep happening from easy communication with your adult kids to challenging talks. Maybe you were with them for an on campus visit or they came home, and you thought it would be fun.  Well, I often get calls that yes moments were fun, but you wanted more time together and didn’t get it. It
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Navigating The Unknown with Omega Institute

Natalie is honored to be teaching with Omega Institute You are at a crossroad. Change is on the horizon, just within your reach. You aren’t where you used to be and not yet where you will be. Transitions are places of pausing and feeling, floating above your life for a new view. You need time to
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Life in Transition

A woman called softly saying, “Covid, is winning. I can’t, even though January, begin anything. Kids left, husband left, best friend left, work is unfulfilling.  I can’t.” She is not the only person calling with anxiety and grief.  When life doesn’t give you what you thought you would have by now, it hurts.  Really hurts. 
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Transitioning into Grandparent

Fortunately, I have a tribe of wise grandparents. From their stories and concerns, as well as mine, here are some suggestions: 1. If you are a worrier, you are a worrier. “Did they make it ok to their aunts house? Did her fever break? What works for me is to remind myself that if there
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Life In Transition, Now What?

Natalie will be facilitating a Zoom support group for those who are no longer where they use to be and unsure of where they are heading. What you hoped for maybe didn’t show up.   Life changes over and over we know that but what we have not known is NOW WHAT? How do I
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Empty Nest Support Group

I am excited to offer an EMPTY NEST SUPPORT GROUP via ZOOM on October 19th. The space is limited because I want everyone to have a chance to participate and receive support. I know this is a major life change because I have also lived it. Tuesday October 19, 7:00am – 8:30am PACIFIC TIME. Please
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Join Natalie with Omega Teachers Studio on January 19, 2022

Learn how to deal with transitions and build new perspectives on the path to change with motivational speaker and storyteller, Natalie Caine. You are at a crossroad. Change is on the horizon, just within your reach. You aren’t where you used to be and not yet where you will be. Transitions are places of pausing
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How to Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome During the Pandemic

Natalie was a featured interview at Lifehacker for their “How to Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome During the Pandemic” article. The biggest challenge that comes with kids moving out is the process of re-establishing their identity outside of their role as a parent. “Parents are struggling with, ‘What is my role?’” Caine said. Going from
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I am excited to invite you to a support group via ZOOM.  I continue to dream we can meet in person and at the same time, based on your requests, I am not waiting.  Therefore, ZOOM gathering for now.   As you know, I have been through a long list of painful, unexpected changes from
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I am excited to offer this support and am still dreaming of meeting in person as we did before.  Space is limited because I want each to have time to participate. Tools, tips, support, new friendships. Email for further information: We have all been through a very unexpected journey and it’s time to prepare
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Pandemic Empty-Nest Syndrome at AARP

Natalie was a featured expert in the AARP article “Do You Have Pandemic Empty-Nest Syndrome?”


Today she called asking, “I have no idea what to do that will be worth it.”  I too have sat in that empty room wondering now what?  She left a career, her husband, and her kids were full adults in the world.   She did not feel like knitting nor becoming the expert at what tv
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