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How to Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome During the Pandemic

Natalie was a featured interview at Lifehacker for their “How to Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome During the Pandemic” article. The biggest challenge that comes with kids moving out is the process of re-establishing their identity outside of their role as a parent. “Parents are struggling with, ‘What is my role?’” Caine said. Going from
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I am excited to invite you to a support group via ZOOM.  I continue to dream we can meet in person and at the same time, based on your requests, I am not waiting.  Therefore, ZOOM gathering for now.   As you know, I have been through a long list of painful, unexpected changes from
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I am excited to offer this support and am still dreaming of meeting in person as we did before.  Space is limited because I want each to have time to participate. Tools, tips, support, new friendships. Email for further information: We have all been through a very unexpected journey and it’s time to prepare
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Pandemic Empty-Nest Syndrome at AARP

Natalie was a featured expert in the AARP article “Do You Have Pandemic Empty-Nest Syndrome?”


Today she called asking, “I have no idea what to do that will be worth it.”  I too have sat in that empty room wondering now what?  She left a career, her husband, and her kids were full adults in the world.   She did not feel like knitting nor becoming the expert at what tv
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Families Preparing for Their Child Off to College

In our parenting group, I suggested they write a LETTER to their child about what they appreciate about them and what they, the parents, learned from them. Of course, I passed around the softest Kleenex as parents wrote their notes to their children. I too had tears, even though my daughter is years beyond that
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Empty Nest is around the corner. Now is great joy that your child graduated. They are off to seek dreams and ways to give back. Give back.  That may surprise you at this time where you and your family have been through an unimaginable challenging time but giving back comes in a range of choices. 
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Empty Nest Is Around the Corner, Now What?

Parents have been calling about their children leaving in August, September or already on their way to college.  Yes, they knew this day would arrive. They are proud. They are also unexpectedly crying and feeling alone with a well of emotions. I remember the to-do list before dropping my child at college.  The parties to
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Re-Entering After Covid

Hugging those you missed and beginning to make plans for fun is bringing new vitality.  What clients have shared with me is they want to feel “normal life” again. They also feel vulnerable and are so sick of the uncertainty. We all know change in our lives keeps happening.  What helps you to step forward
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I Am Having A Hard Time With Goodbye

Parents are on the countdown to their children leaving for college. Covid has added a new layer of vulnerability to hugging your child goodbye for college.  Even though you have known they are leaving sometime, the closer it gets the more anxious some parents feel.  Who wouldn’t when you love them and just don’t know
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Am I Open?

Our world of Covid has shown us how businesses persevere to remain open. It got me thinking in what ways am I open and not open in my personal life. When have I quit too soon or when have I plowed ahead without pausing to see the wildflowers in the fields? When have I assumed
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We Always Have Beauty

Happy Fall, L’shana Tova, (May it be a good year ahead) These chrysalis were given to us as a gift.  They have been growing in the living room by the window. We chat with them daily, and this morning they emerged. So thankful we weren’t ASLEEP when they arrived. Hope. Beauty. Transformation. New Life.   WELCOME. 
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