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Best Transition Ever – Grandparenting

Transitioning into Grandparenting. Here We Go…

First, I want to acknowledge all the parents who have gone into the transition of grand parenting and are All In in raising the next generation. I pay tribute to You. Throughout my life I have lived expected and unexpected changes (just ask me about that). Cycles end and begin over and over.  I have
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Virtual Grand Parenting Group

Natalie is offering a virtual grand parenting group. She keeps the group small in order to have Q and A time for everyone. She will be giving suggestions on how to communicate with your adult children, as well as her talking about the role of the modern grandparent. To join her, email Natalie offers
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Holidays Are Around The Corner

Natalie is sharing lines to “We Always Have Beauty” and “Inspirations”. She is sharing these now because it is a place to pause during your day and feel something besides the challenges that we all live. It is a new habit to make time for beauty, right out your window. Holidays are around the corner.
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Let’s Be Together Before the Holidays in November on Zoom.

This is a support group for you. Even good news needs support, don’t you think? So, share good news as well when we gather.  You can email me questions before Monday and I will talk about it anonymously on our Zoom. I want each of you to have this safe space for questions, conversations, and
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Holidays and Hurt

Holidays are around the corner. What communication with your family members are you wondering how to do better this season? Email me for a list of suggestions Depending on the relationship, all families are unique, maybe schedule a time on the phone with the person before the holidays. “Hey Sis, I keep spinning about
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Grandparenting:  Embrace the Wonder Of Grandparenting And Navigate The Challenges

Grandparents, join Natalie in learning the art of communicating with your adult children who are now parents. Your role as the grandparent is to follow their lead. What happens if you really have something to say and fear their reaction?  What is worth the risk to communicate even if you don’t get what you want? 
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Embracing the Wonder of Grandparenting and the Complications That Come With It

Every family is unique and has their own dynamics. We will discuss expectations for how to best serve your family. How do you approach a conversation with your adult children that you want to have with them and they want to have with you? Are they the boss and you follow or is there a
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Hello Grandparents

I was babysitting the twins. One is teething and the other is proudly climbing into everything, even the dishwasher, where she stood and said “Bravo”.  Now it is locked.  The little one couldn’t nap, and the other was sound asleep. I took her outside. It has been a long time since she wanted to cuddle
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Transitioning into Grandparent / Giving Gifts

I don’t know about you, but when I buy something for the grand babies, I have a hard time waiting to give it to them.  I have always been this way, so it isn’t because of being a grandmother. I tried to wait and give the gift below for Valentine’s Day, but, well you know
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Transitioning into Grandparent

A first-time grandmother shared with me “My life has been good enough. I work, have friends, adventures. Loving my grandchild is wonderful.  Watching my child be a parent is icing on the cake of life.” BUT… She shared that she is struggling with not being included for the fun but is for sure expected to
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Natalie Joins The NBC Today Show Segment – The New Golden Age of Grandparenting

Happy to Announce I have been included in a Segment on the Today Show (NBC) Wednesday, January 19 about Another Transition, THE NEW GOLDEN AGE OF GRANDPARENTING, 8:00am – 9:00am ________________________________________________________ Follow Up From Today Show about Grandparenting.  As you noticed, my piece, as well as others who contributed for this segment, were edited out. It happens
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Funny Names We Call Them

Out of nowhere, I said to my family that was over for dinner, “Sh moon FAMILY, PARTY OF FIVE, your dinner table is ready.”  Sh moon has become an ongoing funny name, whether I text my daughter, morning shmoon, or call out to her, shmoon… “I told them I can’t wait to make a real
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Going to Playgroup

When I was a younger mama, I started a play group in my home for our little ones. We then began a circle of mommy friendships and our little ones began theirs.  Today my daughter invites me to go to the park for music or sensory class.  They are Covid babies and rarely see little
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