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Transitioning into Grandparent / Giving Gifts

February 1, 2022 | by Natalie Caine | 3 Comments

I don’t know about you, but when I buy something for the grand babies, I have a hard time waiting to give it to them.  I have always been this way, so it isn’t because of being a grandmother.

I tried to wait and give the gift below for Valentine’s Day, but, well you know what happened. I gave it to them last weekend.  So fun. I am glad I didn’t wait.

I bought a nontoxic puzzle, took out the pieces, printed photos I had of them and used masking tape to tape the photos down.  This way, I can change the photos easily. I put the puzzle piece back on top of the photo. Easy.   The one-year-olds are liking looking at real faces.

You will see below what I mean.  Do you have trouble waiting to give your grandchildren presents because you simply can’t wait for the fun of it?  I will come up with something else for Valentine’s Day, because love love love them and how they allow me to love love love them.

PS. I asked the parents if they think I am over giving things, like clothes, toys, books, bubbles, etc., to their children and they said, “No way.”  I am glad I asked. 

Some grandparents have shared with me that they feel guilty bringing stuff all the time and that they should just BE with the kids and not bring things. Have you felt that way?



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3 Responses

  1. Robin says:

    I definitely have trouble waiting to give the gifts! And I have a stash at home so I can grab a new little something most days I visit. This week it was a foam football from The Dollar store for my 17 month old grandson.

  2. I too have what I call the magic cupboard to grab surprises when I see the twins. I use to have the magic cupboard for my daughter. She now loves that I have it for her kids.

  3. Mary Farrelly says:

    I have learned that now I have to ask what I can buy the grandchildren. At the beginning 6 years ago my daughter in law returned everything I bought and then did it again the following year. So now they tell me what I am allowed to buy. I try to buy a few extra things but definitely not what I know my grandchildren want.

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