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Grandparenting can be one of the best experiences or one of the most challenging experiences. 

As a grandmother to one of my son’s children, I was struggling to have communication with my daughter-in-law and thereby had limited access to my 2 granddaughters. As covid hit access to visiting them and speaking to them was less and less. I was struggling and in pain. I had such grief and felt a tremendous sense of loss. 

Upon searching for answers I can across a name on Omega website, Natalie Caine. There was actually someone out there that could support me as a grandparent. I immediately enrolled in the group. In the zoom groups I heard the story of other grandparents. I was not alone! I was one of many grandparents who were seeking ways to support their grandchildren while struggling with their relationships with their adult children. 

Natalie Caine is available in group and individual sessions. We as a family create sessions where our family members can speak via zoom or by phone with her. I as a grandma attend the zoom sessions with other grandparents. I feel that I am heard and understood. I can freely acknowledge my feelings. Natalie has a way of reframing and restating my words. She is intently listening with her heart which allows me to reach a sense of peace for that moment. I love having a resource who I can reach out to as I need to process my emotions. Natalie has a gift for finding a way to give me the courage to choose action steps as I move forward on the grandparenting journey. 

Submitted by Mary E. Farrelly 




Thank you so much. You created such a safe and comforting space to talk about these vulnerable thoughts that so many parents have during this transition in their lives. 

Your strategies were wonderful, and I thought that it was such a helpful and encouraging community space.

Truly, from Be Well at Work UC Berkeley



Hi Natalie, 

It was so so wonderful to connect with you today. Your wisdom and life energy resonated so deeply with me. I am just so grateful for your support and guidance today and just for our paths crossing. It would be so wonderful to stay in touch. 

With a heart full of thankfulness


“First of all, thank you so much for our session last week.  It was so helpful to me.  It helped me enormously to let go of my self blame and put words to how I was feeling.”  Dr. L


“Your content was right on, and you are a fabulous public speaker! I loved your session and it really resonated for me personally!”   Attendee  from The  Doctor’s Company  Private Event  9/2022    


“I never doubted that Natalie had my best interest and my family’s interest in her heart as she passed me Kleenex and taught me fantastic skills to prepare for my empty nest.”

Patricia Resnick, writer, author, award winner, NINE TO FIVE book, movie, and Broadway screenplay.

“I was really so moved and impressed by how much insight those who shared during the class got from your exercises. It was lovely to witness.”

Anonymous/Omega Institute

“You are engaging and present even on Zoom. So many good suggestions for transitions. Your interactive experiences you had us do was amazing. I guess I will use my intuition now as you talked about to guide my transition I am in right now. Thank you so much.”

Anonymous/Omega Institute

Serendipity brought Natalie Caine and I together.  I stumbled upon her website when I was frantically searching for guidance as I was soon to be encountering a transition in my life.  I reached out to her and fortunately for me, Natalie returned my message.  She had the calm voice of an angel and the wisdom and grace of a scholar specializing in “School of Life” skills.  With kindness and compassion she listens to your narrative and takes pause before she answers with the perfect words or questions to get to the core of the issue.

Life presents us with struggles and Natalie knows how to uncover your gifts and strengths so , that you can move forward with confidence knowing that you can hold the uncertainty and the known in both hands simultaneously.  She taps into a creative force that discovers a treasure chest of possibilities.  Natalie Caine is a guide who helps navigate the rocky terrains with a magnified perspective assuring you that you are not alone in your thoughts and experiences.  When I talk to Natalie, my pen floats across the page because I do not want to miss one brilliant word or thought.

She has been a gift to me and I am so grateful to know that she is a member of my support team.

Janie Nelson

I first contacted Natalie when I had just finished moving abroad, starting a new job, sending a child off to college and adapting to a new culture. She not only got me through the overwhelming anxiety I was feeling, but helped me reframe my situation and ask myself some important questions. I have never met such a deep listener and intuitive guide. Her compassion and wisdom have come to my aid when I have called her at key moments (sometimes full blown crises). She always put a net under me and carried me back to the important truths. She is unique in her combination of skills. She has a deep understanding of how we undergo changes in identity, how we can mother adults in a healthy way, and how we can look honestly at the stories we tell ourselves. She has been invaluable to me in the last 4 years of enormous challenge, a real treasure.

Lisa Kingstone

Where do I start? After many years of just existing but not really enjoying my life and at times falling into dark depressions and despair I desperately started searching the web for help. By the grace of God I believe Natalie’s webpage came up. I thought, ok what can it hurt, I’ll call.

For some reason empty nest just wasn’t something I was able to move on from. I had, had a life before motherhood but in all honesty had never found something I enjoyed as much as being a Mom. I had talents and interests but yearned to still be hands on mothering and the dog wasn’t cutting it. My husband and I were both lost and continued to mourn. It had just all gone by so quickly.

I had never heard of a life transitional therapist but I cannot express to you how wonderful it was to talk to someone who really understood me, my pain and how deep it affected my life. Our sessions, over the phone were so enlightening and real suggestions and just not feeling alone were just what I needed. Finding a new language to communicate with my son and daughter in law, being at peace in my new role and season of life, finding new ways to look at my marriage.

I can’t thank you enough Natalie, and yes I’m coming to terms with being the only one who can make the “turkey!”

Cali Dickhoff
Sauk Centre, MN

Working with Natalie was quite a special experience. I have never felt so seen and recognized for my strengths as I was with Natalie. We explored my passions, my frustrations, and career alternatives. Natalie placed a seed in my mind that eventually blossomed into teaching yoga to children. Thanks, Natalie, for helping to make a dream come true!

Francine Hoffman
Inner Focus Coordinator
Golden Door

Life in Transition One-Day Workshop

“The Life in Transition workshop was a day well spent!

Natalie teaches and inspires through her own life experiences, compassion for others and wisdom. I left the workshop feeling cared for, empowered, equipped with tools to use as I move through transition, and knowing some wonderful women! It truly was a mind, body, soul, kinda day!”

–  Susan Whelan

“I have met with Natalie privately and I have attended one of her workshops. There is very little information about this anywhere and so Natalie is a godsend.

Natalie is very helpful and patient when you meet with her privately.

Natalie is very knowledgeable and experienced, and her workshops provide an opportunity to brainstorm with other women who have similar concerns. Natalie’s workshop seemed to attract a great group of women who worked together beautifully under her direction.”

–  Nancy Skewes-Cox

… I have encountered many women like myself who are in this stage of life and looking for tools to help guide us.  I sought out Natalie and she is positive, uplifting and full of inspirational ideas and help.

I really love the concrete tools that I have returned home with; Natalie is that kind of speaker/helper.

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Tracey Saban

“I thought I would be sobbing the entire time on the phone. Instead I felt empowered and hopeful speaking with Natalie.”

Karen ZoBell, Attorney

Dear Natalie,

Meeting you and attending your sessions at Rancho La Puerta last month was a pleasure. You’re such a warm and compassionate person. Your sensitivity helped me and the other participants in your workshops feel comfortable enough to open up to each other. I feel that I have more peace and clarity thanks to you and the support of the group.

I wanted to personally thank you after your workshop ended, but I never caught you at a time when we were both free to talk. Please accept my thanks now. Thank you also for generously giving us special gifts. The cloth, prayer stick, photo, and toe ring (which I wore on a finger today) continue to remind me of you and the other kind people who attended your sessions. I wish you the continued success and happiness that you clearly deserve.

Best wishes,


Speaker at Spark and Hustle, February 2011

 “I was fortunate to hear Natalie Caine speak at the Los Angeles Spark & Hustle event.  Natalie is a compelling speaker and person because she emotes a powerful sense of genuineness.  Her topics universally affect us all, and she delivers a sincere and practical message.  I feel very fortunate to have had the honor to spend some time in Natalie’s presence, and believe her clients will feel the same.”


Speaker at Spark and Hustle, February 2011

 Dear Natalie, I want to express my gratitude for sharing your inspiring story with me and all the amazing women at Spark and Hustle. It’s unbelievable how you translated your emotions and feelings of emptiness in your life into an incredibly successful business.  You are the vivd proof that there is just no excuse to get something positive out of a bad, negative experience and I applaud you for that! I hope you keep inspiring and transforming lives at every step of your way.

Alma Tarriba Polkatot Cupcakes

 I came to your site about 5 – 6 years ago.  I joined a couple of your phone consultations and even you called me once and patiently listened to my story.  Long story short – is that I have four kids (three boys & one girl) and I struggled as each of the kids left, especially since one had a girlfriend and essentially disappeared from our lives.

Anyway, I want to thank you for your help.  From your site, your phone consultations, your message boards – I think I lived on your boards, tears coming from my eyes for a couple of years.  The good news is that six years later, we have two married sons, and two kids in college.  Yes, I have had challenges along the way, but because of your work, I worked on moving on.

Today, yes, I still grieve my old role as mom – but, I have embraced my new season.  Fortunately, we are a happily married couple and we are like on a new honeymoon era.  🙂   In the past 6 years I changed my business, which was video oriented to an online business that works alongside my husband’s manufacturing plant.  So it is fun to work together and envision the future of our businesses.

It is tough being the mom of boys in the sense that when they are married they tend towards the wives side – but I am thankful that our boys are very happy – and enjoy each moment I see them and try not to be offended when I don’t see them much, remembering my newlywed first couple of years.

Anyway, thanks again for your website, your phone consultations (years ago) and your ministry with helping us all through this time in our lives.


“There are few instances in life that seem destined to be but my encounter with Natalie was that. Not only was she insightful, caring and passionate but she was very grounded, thoughtful and highly intuitive and intelligent. My experience with her felt like a visit from an old friend. That is something i will never forget.”

Nicholas Ruth


“Just a note to let you know that our family truly enjoyed the Life In Transition sessions at Rancho La Puerta during the week of July 31 – August 7, 2010.  Your leadership style was so calm, soothing, and nurturing.  We felt completely “safe” when sharing inner thoughts, future concerns and current circumstances.  We left the Ranch with a fresh outlook on how to deal with the unexpected twists that are sure to come our way.  In fact, you helped us find beauty in knowing that we have come through many changes in our lives and thus have the ability and strength to face whatever challenges lie ahead.  For me personally, I was relieved to hear that each facet of life did not have to occupy equal segments of time and attention, as long as we were alright with the imbalance.

Thanks again for the enlightenment.”

Joyce, Jonn and Michelle

“I wanted to tell you how valuable I found the “Life in Transition” course at Rancho la Puerta this past month.

I chose this time at the ranch specifically to take the workshop and I was so glad that I did.

The sessions more than met my expectations and gave me just what I needed as I move ahead in retirement and adding new responsibilities to my life.

The exercises and interactions opened new doors of thought and offered tools to guide me as I enter this phase of life.

Thank you again for being such a wonderful teacher and addressing some very crucial needs for me and the other participants in the class”.

Nancy Hilton M.D.

“Natalie Caine is truly a woman on a mission. She is the America’s # 1 expert on Empty Nesters and knows their fears and desires. She helps Baby Boomers with a life passage that can be scary and exhilarating at the same time. Thank god she has the courage to do it. Natalie Caine is one of the greatest gifts to walk this earth.”

Linda Hollander

“I just visited your empty nest web site, and really want to thank your for putting it together, I have only just started reading, and feel so much better inside, I just don’t hear too many people having a hard time with this as I am right now.  When I read your line about letting them go right after dropping them off at kindergarten, that struck my heart deep, because I will never forget that pain I felt in my heart that day, cried furiously all the way home. I am a single mom, and nice to read that I am not alone in my feelings, can’t wait to read every word on your site~  Can’t say thank you enough”

Sue in Florida

“It a world where many people look at ageing as a negative it’s truly refreshing to read Natalie’s sage advice to empty nesters that life’s glass can be half full not half empty”.

Gill Walker
Managing Director
Evergreen Advertising & Marketing
Abbotsford ,VIC (Australia)

“We were honored to have Natalie on the EZHelp, You and More Internet Radio Show.  Her contagious enthusiasm and subject knowledge provided us a very empowering interview.  I will always remember the “sticky fish” scenario.”

EZHelp, You and More Show

“College students aren’t the only ones to face transition when they back their bags and say “sayonara” to casa de mom and dad. The parents standing before the (finally) clean, but empty bedroom face transition too. Natalie Caine supports empty nesters through the joys and challenges that come with new parental roles, while empowering moms and dads across the nation to create their own “brave new world!”

Maria Pascucci
President & Founder
Campus Calm – where students speak out about grades, stress and personal well-being

“Natalie Caine has been the National Association of Baby Boomer Women’s faithful Empty Nest Expert since the inception of our association in 2005. She continues to touch the hearts and souls of women and their spouses with her insightful knowledge regarding this heart wrenching, yet liberating time facing baby boomers nationwide. We appreciate her candor, wit and thoughtfulness when addressing this targeted audience. She is the sole expert who has dedicated her work to this critical passage of time.”

Dotsie Bregel, Founder
National Association of Baby Boomer Women

“Natalie truly understands the empty nest journey and continues to help me shift my mothering role and feed my dreams.”

Linda Bergman, Bergman Entertainment.

“Natalie facilitated our support group with compassion and inspiration in learning how to shift and take a step in a new direction.  I wouldn’t have made it through the journey without her.”  Anita Atencio, mother, graphic artist

Natalie Caine has been with for three years.  During that time, she has developed a large group of devoted readers who look forward to her monthly advice and tips to improve their lives.  Natalie’s understanding of social change is remarkable.  Each of her articles is enlightening, informative and interesting to read.”

Dr. Douglas H. Fitzgerald
President and Founder

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to Natalie Caine and her Empty Nest Support Services.

When I decided to take advantage of Natalie’s articles in our boomer women section on web site I had know idea of the great response and interest I would receive from our numerous boomer readers. There is  a need for valuable information in this area Natalie writes about.

I think Natalie’s article she wrote – Do You Know What You Want To Do? really reaches boomers who now face situations such as burn out, depression ,stress attacks and a general feeling of worthlessness. Not knowing what direction to go next, is a major problem for this growing generation. This article really helps create a positive attitude and give people ideas of what to do in there every day life. Great article Natalie!”

Howard Eva
Boomers Forever

Natalie Caine, M.A.