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You are no longer where you use to be and not sure where you are headed. It helps to know who you are and who you are not. From that current discovery, you learn how to gather  what’s needed for you to step forward . She understands the unexpected.  Just ask her about her life stories.  Don’t we all wish we had been taught in elementary school how to shift.

Natalie invites you to join her for strategies and insights.  The full two hours together, will be both experiential and her presenting. There is always time for clarifications, questions and answers. She enjoys an interactive time. Her strategies include how to work with intuition, available to all,( she will share the unexpected that arrived for her) and strategies that are practical, short, easy, and effective during times of change.

One of her strategies is the art of asking questions in order to access parts of yourself that have been dormant. Another strategy is practices that support you when you feel you have lost momentum. Don’t you think all of us have times where the fog got too thick to drive but we so “ wanted to get home?”

She hopes you will meet others during this time together so that you can continue conversations and support.  

Natalie has been featured in top media and has worked with thousands across the globe. Visit her website for testimonials, press,  articles, and more.

Fee : $70.00 for two hours.  Natalie is offering this very reduced rate because she wants people to gather during these confusing, endured, disappointing, unknown, times that everyone has been living due to Covid.  Even when there are the days you are living with the new normal pretty well, you have days where you aren’t. She can relate.

Date and Time:  March 1, 2022, 4:00-6:00 PM Pacific Time (7:00-9:00 PM Eastern Time)

Payment: Venmo, Square and Check

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Sorry, no refunds. Natalie likes to keep these times together personal and sharing, so space is limited. 


Best Transition Ever – Grandparenting

Join Our Support Group for Grandparents

Natalie invites you to join her as she offers strategies and insights, as well as facilitating interactive conversations that support you in this role as a grandparent. Meet other grandparents who may live right down the street from you. For more information on Grandparenting support, click here

Date: March 1 Tuesday, 

TIme : 8:30-9:30am Pacific time (11:30am-12:30pm Eastern)

Fee: $20.00 (Reduced Rate during these ongoing challenging Covid times)

Payment: Venmo, Square, or Check

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Space is limited in order for everyone to have time to share. Sorry no refunds


Empty Nest Support Group – Zoom

Well, what can we say about these times? Are we learning to live with making no plans because we have to cancel due to Covid. Are we planning anyhow? Are we frustrated for lack of a better word? Are we finding our way and losing it? Let alone, our kids who are leaving, left, back, leaving. Are we well, most important as you know?  

I am thinking about you. I am offering a new Support Group on Zoom, until we can meet face to face. Tuesday February 22. 4:00 pm Pacific Time.  More than ever I have been hearing you want to be part of a group support. For sure it helps to hear from others.  Always time for sharing and questions.

Fee is $35.00 for 90 minutes. Payment by Venmo, Square or Check

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Space is limited in order for everyone to have time to share. Sorry no refunds

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