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January 3, 2023 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

I am excited about 2023.  I plan to continue to be gentle with myself and others.

Communication has been my passion even before I became a Speech Therapist and then re-invented my career, leaving Speech Therapy, to help those who are seeking meaningful lifestyles, more coping skills for the unknown, and healings from the unexpected.  You know I have worked with college students, empty nesters, doctors, lawyers, educators, etc., whose lives are in transition and have no idea what’s next for them, due to divorce, illness, burn-out, retirement, feeling unfulfilled. I also have been working with parents and grandparents who want honest, respectful communication with their adult children. 

I wanted to let you know during my one-on-one sessions, group work, retreats, speaking presentations, and collaborative panel discussions, I will continue to offer support to people who are longing for change and those who want to learn how to communicate more clearly and respectfully.

Below are suggestions to do and think about at home:

1. Discover your blind spots (like unrealistic expectations) and ask yourself what inner (spiritual practices) and outer resources I need to make the changes I want?

2. Change is both what you want and accepting that you have a part of you that wants nothing to do with the work, feelings, and unknown that change emerges in you. (I love change and have lived a long long list of them both expected and unexpected  and I too know the parts of me that don’t want to change. and wobble when I am in the unknown. Vulnerable for sure.)

3. Change asks you to practice new habits, over and over and hold with gentleness that you will be invigorated for the change, as well as collapse around doing the process of change. One day the new practice works and the next it might not. You did not do anything wrong.   Oh, how human we all are…

4. I like writing prompts and music as a way to access what I don’t know or feel. For music, I get on my bed with a blanket, pillow and eye mask as I listen. Have paper and pencil to jot down the experience.  MUSIC: CHARIOTS OF FIRE (thank you Brugh Joy for that experience with you).

5, Writing prompts:  I DON’T REMEMBER… (thank you Cheryl Strayed for that prompt when I was in your workshop, so profound for me).  THE CONVERSATION I WANT TO STOP HAVING WITH OTHERS IS… (Thank you, David Whyte, for that writing during the yearlong study I did with you.)

You are welcome to email me, ask a question, share the above that happened for you or any support you need. More information about private sessions, events, etc. are listed on my website link below.  We all want a safe place to connect.

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