best transition ever: grandparenting
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Best Transition Ever – Grandparenting

Natalie Joins The NBC Today Show Segment – The New Golden Age of Grandparenting

Happy to Announce I have been included in a Segment on the Today Show (NBC) Wednesday, January 19 about Another Transition, THE NEW GOLDEN AGE OF GRANDPARENTING, 8:00am – 9:00am ________________________________________________________ Follow Up From Today Show about Grandparenting.  As you noticed, my piece, as well as others who contributed for this segment, were edited out. It happens
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Funny Names We Call Them

Out of nowhere, I said to my family that was over for dinner, “Sh moon FAMILY, PARTY OF FIVE, your dinner table is ready.”  Sh moon has become an ongoing funny name, whether I text my daughter, morning shmoon, or call out to her, shmoon… “I told them I can’t wait to make a real
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Going to Playgroup

When I was a younger mama, I started a play group in my home for our little ones. We then began a circle of mommy friendships and our little ones began theirs.  Today my daughter invites me to go to the park for music or sensory class.  They are Covid babies and rarely see little
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Story Time Ritual

Every year from birth until now, I would read a story to my daughter on Christmas Eve. We celebrate Christmas and Hanukah.  Going to the bookstore to choose a book, signing it, and then holding her as I read and later watching her climb into a big chair for story time until now adult hood
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Why is it we love watching babies/ children sleep?  It is peace and beauty.  I loved watching my daughter as a baby sleep. Sometimes I would crack her bedroom door open to peek for eyes open and if they weren’t, I would go close and whisper, Do you wanna wake up?  I wanna hold you? 
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This Little Light of Mine

Do you know that song?  I sing it to my grand babies and put their name in it of course.  “This little girl named Isla and I point to her; she’s going to let it shine. This little girl named Sloane.” They smile when I sing. They rock their bodies back and forth, then came
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Transitioning into Grandparent

Fortunately, I have a tribe of wise grandparents. From their stories and concerns, as well as mine, here are some suggestions: 1. If you are a worrier, you are a worrier. “Did they make it ok to their aunts house? Did her fever break? What works for me is to remind myself that if there
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Transitioning into Grandparenting. Here We Go…

First, I want to acknowledge all the parents who have gone into the transition of grand parenting and are All In in raising the next generation. I pay tribute to You. Throughout my life I have lived expected and unexpected changes (just ask me about that). Cycles end and begin over and over.  I have
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Natalie Caine, M.A.