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Story Time Ritual

January 15, 2022 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

Every year from birth until now, I would read a story to my daughter on Christmas Eve. We celebrate Christmas and Hanukah.  Going to the bookstore to choose a book, signing it, and then holding her as I read and later watching her climb into a big chair for story time until now adult hood I still buy, sign, and read a new book to her either in bed or on a sofa. 

She kept all those books. Now she has them for her twins. 

This year I went to my favorite local bookstore, bought a book, signed it and I got to sit Sloane and Isla on my lap for their first Christmas Eve story time.  The books are usually funny or have a conflict solved like about friendship or are the all-time favorites like Good Night Moon. 

I read to them all the time, but Christmas Eve is a special reading ritual.  What rituals do you do with your grand kids?

Take care, Natalie

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