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Some Thoughts that I Noticed, and Now Share with You

December 4, 2022 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

I feel the happiness of being together with people who are part of my circle, both family and friends, during this holiday season.  I also know I am an over doer… been working on that and must say, just asking myself… do I really need to be doing this right now? has helped me shift. 

I noticed over our Thanksgiving gathering, my favorite is the stuffing, that with so many loved ones wanting to connect with each other and have conversations, that my simply being in the room, observing, was fulfilling for me. I chose to be a listener and of course join in or initiate when the room felt open for it.  Have you felt like that?

My practice now and for decades is to check in with myself asking, “what am I feeling right now, what am I thinking about, and do I need to be thinking about that, and what do I need in this moment.”  That practice helps me remember what matters and what doesn’t. Is there a practice that helps you even if you only do it once in a while?

I imagine during this season that you feel melancholy moments that don’t have a name.  You feel tearful.  Me too.  That is the benefit of love. I would never pass on feeling those moments that are unnamed and so precious. Humbles me. Reminds me I am alive, thank goodness.

Well, here we go. Holiday season and the turn towards a NEW YEAR; dreams, behaviors to practice, and awareness of what needs attention and what needs a wave goodbye.

May you be gentle with yourself. May you adore who you are. May you connect with your inner invisible “partners” all throughout your day and night, thanking them for walking with you. May you be generous with your love. 

Thinking of you with appreciation,


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