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May 24, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

Today she called asking, “I have no idea what to do that will be worth it.”  I too have sat in that empty room wondering now what?  She left a career, her husband, and her kids were full adults in the world.   She did not feel like knitting nor becoming the expert at what tv shows are worth your time. 

She wanted something that got her excited to get out the door. She wanted to do something she never did in her past.  She wanted her life to be meaningful.  This is what she discovered after writing, walking, being with friends, and solo time.

“I want to volunteer in my neighborhood working with all ages of people. I want to listen and talk with them, walk with them, color together, cook, read out loud, dance, sing along, watch tv and talk about what just happened there.”

She began by telling people she was available. She did not post anything in the beginning. She also told herself she could change her mind and she told them the same. 

At this stage of her life, she wanted freedom daily to decide what mattered to her.  She was frugal. She was responsible.  She had been a leader all her life. Now she was on the hunt for a part of her that she never met, that lay dormant or undiscovered within her.

She knew her unrealistic expectations or her lack of patience might be a blind spot.  She took them along, as well as her playfulness and trust in something larger than herself. She is continuing her hunt and has many days that make her laugh.

What do you want to begin today?  Who do you want to call?  What notes do you want to write to yourself?  Where will you go for a walk? 

Take good care,


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