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What’s Your Wisdom?

September 6, 2022 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

Empty Nesters, grandparents, those on the edge of retiring, I notice you forget to acknowledge your wisdom. For that matter, all ages forget to say the good in them.  We are trained it seems to focus on solving problems.  I suggest you make time for the great about you.  How have you helped others?  Write it and read it out loud to yourself.  It is uplifting to be your own cheerleader.

I remember when I couldn’t make a big decision that was sitting on my desk.  I walked. I hummed. I wrote. I called a friend.  Then I stopped thinking about it.  I told myself.  I will know when I know.  Move into something else right now.  I moved into cooking salmon and arugula salad.

Did I get clarity?  I did.  I reminded myself of the good in me. The ways I have helped my family, friends, colleagues, and strangers. I reminded myself that I COULD CHANGE MY MIND. BEGIN SOMETHING.  I also pulled up memories of challenging times for me, like illness, divorce, death of my long-time loving friend to suicide.

How did I live those days and nights?  Crying, tucked under covers, eating too much, begging for relief, crying. Yes, I said that twice.  Then a shift happened, and I surfaced from the underworld of deep sorrow.  That too is part of my wisdom. Letting myself be stuck. Grieving. Begging. Weeping. I took the stuckness along with all the other parts of me.  I did not try and get rid of it.  That is a wisdom of mine.  Let that join my life along with my cheerleader.

So, what is your wisdom?  Share it.  Email me See what support is offered and hear other’s stories of change.  Visit

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