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March 18, 2016 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

Flower_of_Spring_P0003Spring Begins.  I hope you are moving forward in directions that matter to you and making time to be.  I am writing today to share a new offering that I am so excited to experience with you: Stay vacation or get away weekends for replenishing, fun and meaningful times with your friends. Yes, I am continuing to offer my other services, as well. So read on. And I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions.

A Little About Natalie

From a young age, Natalie has lived a life of expected and unexpected changes. She believes those times seeded a curiosity about how to navigate the unknown, find meaning in life and stay vibrant. Natalie has been featured in top media like NY Times, Associated Press, Time Magazine, and writes for the Wall Street Journal. Natalie works one-on-one with people as well as organizations, personal groups, and in corporate worlds.  She regularly presents at top resorts and spas like The Golden Door, Rancho La Puerta, Cal A Vie, Red Rock Mountain and more.  Natalie has been invited into private homes and vacation getaways with small and large groups. Her style is concrete, humorous, and creative. She is an entertaining story teller and you will feel like you have known her for years.

Look_Up_P0006She was a Speech and Language Therapist, and woman’s group facilitator, who re-invented her career to help people navigate life’s transitions, whether expected or unexpected. Life changes constantly, yet we are not taught how to make choices and be without answers, how to hold paradoxes, let alone how to be loved when we feel awkward, lonely, unseen, limited, or bored. We were not taught how to access the parts of us that go beyond logic.  Often Natalie is told by friends and groups,” Wait Natalie, let me write that down. I didn’t know how to say that until you said it that way.  Wow, I never thought of that idea.”

Little did Natalie know her passion for communication would show up in different energies and experiences, like colors, tones, night dreams, visions, body sensing and healing.  She is more than happy to talk about how they began and how they communicate. She built an inner world that has nothing to do with what is happening in her outer life.  Just ask her.  She wants to hear about yours as well. (Yes, you have had them, maybe you forgot).

View_P0009Girlfriend Getaways 

What is better than having time with your best friends? Whether you choose a stay vacation, getting out of town, a fun evening or brunch in your home, we know that the fun is enhanced with meaningful conversations.


Here is how it works…….

Forest Edge_P0002The Invitation

You plan your happy time together including the location and Natalie joins you to interweave psychological, spiritual guidance, and creative choices.  She offers intuitive readings and practices in how you can connect with your wisdom. Meditations, imagery and dream work are available to engage you with other parts of yourself that are dormant and now want to surface. It is simply fun having a facilitator guide and ask the poignant questions and experiences that open you to a deeper truth, a hidden passion and learning more about who you are and who you are not.

Who is this friend of mine right now and how can we support each other?  Today, friendships have grown beyond the portrayal of besties in Sex and the City. More and more women are living solo and find that their friendships are their partnering. Married women make time for their girlfriends because that tribe is forever.

There is nothing so endearing than a friend who wants the best for you and carries your history of your well lived life that includes sorrows and joys. Natalie safely opens the windows and doors for a fresh view.

We have a fantasy about big groups of besties.  Truth is, if you have one or two, you are blessed.  What we adore about our friends is we can say anything, make mistakes, be vulnerable, excited, and forgiven. We can be busy and not call for a while and pick up right where we were. When all else falls away, friendship remains.

Peaceful_Sail_P0006I remember one evening when we were sitting on the sofas in pajamas and socks, and a woman said,” I have so much in my life, but the truth is something is missing. Honestly, I am tired of hearing myself tell the same stories about me. I feel like I am wasting time and stuck.   Over the many conversations I have had in my personal life and work, I consistently notice we don’t ask for help. We play a role in our friendships, like the initiator, the care taker, the light, etc. A question to ask is, “what is my role with you and do I want a new one?”

You have a full orchestra inside you, longing to come out and play, longing to be more than the drummer, cymbals, or violin.

So you decide if you want Natalie to join you during your weekend getaway, stay vacation, or series of luncheons or dinners in your home.

Natalie has a field of ideas to choose from to customize your experience once you begin the conversation with her about your friendship time together.

Example of a weekend gathering format:

  • Friday evening all gather for a welcoming introduction and experience.
  • Saturday morning meet during or after breakfast for an hour and a half.
  • Afternoon to play, do art, spa, or explore
  • Saturday gather before dinner
  • Sunday breakfast session together.

(Natalie usually leaves by noon on Sunday.)

Luncheons, a series of four, can include locations shifting each time to another friend’s home.

The scheduling can be:

  •   Gather at 10:00am. Natalie facilitates.
  •   Lunch at noon.  During lunch it is more sharing and question and answer time, ending around one.
  •   Dinners begin around 6:00pm with a similar schedule and end around 9:00pm with a series of four, rotating locations.


Mountain_Plain_P0008Friendships are the treasures of our life. They hold us, play with us, be our mirror, and love supporting us in our becoming.

I am excited to engage and explore with you. Email or call with your thoughts and questions, and pricing.


Spring Beginnings… Take good care,


(310) 454-0040 Los Angeles   natalie@lifeintransition.org


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