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Empty Nester, you are on your way

May 2, 2004 | by Natalie Caine | 4 Comments

By Natalie Caine |

Make dates with your spouse
Get new music and new foods for home
Change some of the furniture, but not your child’s room

Sit outside
Take a walk and hold hands, maybe even skip along
Not being a full time parent can be so freeing, so start your couple dream list.
Try something new together, like meeting for lunch . Cooking together, walking
to a coffee caf

4 Responses

  1. Brenda says:

    Empty nester in 4 weeks – don’t know how I’ll make it.

  2. Tommy Toy says:

    Just dropped our only child at school in Paris, France this past weekend. Between the jetlag and the emotional roller coaster, it’s been really, really hard.

  3. Sandra. says:

    My son moved out in December around Christmas. Not expected. It’s what he wanted. He’s not far. I don’t miss the late nights or the messy kitchen. But I do miss him. I’m trying to redefine myself. Keep busy. It’s been hard. Emotional.

  4. Sharon says:

    My daughter moved out this past June. The first 3 weeks were glorious, I felt a sense of freedom and relief…then there were periods of anxiety and sadness but I could stay grounded and feel my old self. Ever since February I often feel panic, anxiety, feeling lost and extremely vulnerable. It’s so empty at home but I don’t want a pet right now. It’s all I can do to get dressed and go to work. It hurts that she doesn’t want to come home..We see each other occasionally and it hurts most times because it reminds me that our lives are not interwoven the way it was before.

    What surprised me was this current phase. I had taken the time to get to know myself and make a life for myself before she moved out. I thought there would be grieving but this is huge. I have to be around my therapist or have the support of good friend to be able to cry.

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