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My sophomore daughter just surprised me by calling from her rehearsal

October 20, 2004 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

By Natalie Caine |

Valentines weekend one of my daughter’s friends was coming home and asked if she could stop by… I wasn’t sure why.

And as it turned out, she simply wanted to come by and visit with me.. WOW that felt great.. I have known her since they were in first grade together and she goes to college in town. When I saw her on the porch ringing the bell, I felt a little teary that my daughter wasn’t home, but that quickly passed and she and I sat and caught up on her life for about two hours… The time went so fast..

That spontaneous thought on her part , was fun for both of us.. She couldn’t stay for dinner, so I asked if she needed some cash for yogurt on her way home, because going for frozen yogurt had always been one of our fun times together. The three of us. When my daughter called that evening I told her about her friend’s surprise visit and she too was shocked and thought that was so nice.

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