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What Is Possible

October 31, 2016 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

rainbow10312016-11.  To help those I love be a fuller range of themselves by my being a solid listener and cheerleader.
2.  To fully enjoy an ordinary day and appreciate ordinariness.
3.  To ask, what can I do for you?
4.  To remind myself that I am more than what I feel and know about myself. There is something beyond my personality.
5.  To be quiet as you weep. To catch your tears as I sit beside you.
6.  To send out more proposals of what I want to offer you in your work world.
7.  To say THANK YOU each day.
8.  To open a door for a stranger.
9  .Change is possible.  I have changed before.
10.  To throw myself into creativity with piano, sculpting, design, collage, writing, singing, dancing, woodworking, cooking, flower arranging, writing, music, and on and on it goes.
11.  To accept that I will have vibrant days and collapsed days.  Both are life living.
12.  To spend time with nephews, nieces, and cousins.
13.  To petition for help from the unseen, “please guide me where my gifts and heart are needed today.”
14.  To feel my feet on the ground.
couple_on_beach_10312016-215.  To get outside and look up at the stars and moon.
16.  Someone will be available and dive deep with me.
17.  My body will make a slight shift and then connect with you. Giving a way of rapport with you and strength in me rather than arriving in weakness.
18.  To practice something that is self-soothing for me, like putting my hand over my heart or softly touching my own hand.
19.  Someone will kindly help me see when I have blinders on myself.
20.  To turn on music and dance at home or not dance.
21.  To move my body in ways that keep me healthy.
22.  Happy surprises.  JOY.
23.  To begin again.
24.  To change my mind. Go somewhere and leave early.
25.  To meditate in new ways. Silent walking not music in my ears.
26.  To learn something today.
sunset_ocean_10312016-327.  To take that trip I have been researching.
28.  To be engaged in conversations where I add to it and ask questions.
29.  To go to the edge, view the landscape, and say YES.
30.  To not know what I will say and still call you.
31.  To make time to appreciate the love I have given and have received.
32.  To say, I accept today as it is and not fight against it and I dream big at the same time.
33.  To know that we cannot work it out and then let go gently. Maybe some relationships are only meant to go so far and then stop.
34.  To treat myself well even when my doubter messes up my perception.  This could have happened to anyone. I am human here.
35.  To BE despite my pusher saying, DO SOMETHING.
36.  To hear my inner critic, “you always collapse,” and say, NOT TRUE, thanks for sharing. I’ve got this.”
37.  To express, I am not able to chat about that today and I promise I will sometime this week. I will call you back.
38.  Life is hard at times. I am not being punished. I will be more than all right.
39.  To surround myself with beauty so my eyes are the portals of love.
40.  To take a pause and not be the giver.
41.  To discern better. I will believe you when you show me who you are over and over. I will not keep asking you to be who you don’t want to be. You would have by now. Acceptance for what is and not judging it.
42.  To savor an experience, event, celebration that was so loving and fun. It doesn’t have to lead to anything.
43.  To stop a conversation that is worn out and not of value. “Not talking about that anymore,” is what I might say to myself and someone else.
magic_circle_10312016-444.  To be vulnerable with those I know have my best interest and won’t use what I share against me. Check in with myself.
45.  To have a reality check with myself about false and realistic expectations. Have they ever called you back?  They talk about themselves more than they ask about me. They have been interested. I did have fun the last time I went to that event.
46.  To share what is wisdom to me if you are interested. Are you?
47.  To put myself in the midst of life as an observer or decide in the moment to step in.
48.  To drive to nature. Sit by a lit fireplace and smells of pine, toes tickling in the sand, water-splashing waves, skipping stones across a lake, desert sunsets, snow stillness-scapes.
49.  To let you know when you are taking it out on me and say “please find another way to express.”
50.  I, bottom line; trust myself more times than I don’t. I don’t have to figure life out or analyze or get answers right now.  I can stand in the unknown.  I trust I can handle what comes my way both expected and unexpected. I have before.  I grieve for what hasn’t arrived that I thought would have by now. I appreciate what I do have and who I am. I believe in myself and in life.
These reminders, written by my computer and folded in my wallet, keep me connected to what is today and what is possible.  This list makes sense to me.  I INVITE YOU TO CIRCLE ONES THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU AND ONES YOU WANT TO IMPLEMENT. ADD TO THE LIST. CROSS SOME OUT. PASS IT ON.
Thank you for taking your time to read what is possible.
Take good care,

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