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A Bud of An Idea

February 11, 2020 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

During a transition, meaning you are no longer where you use to be and you don’t know where you are headed, a bud of an idea to lift your spirits is worth watering. 

A woman shared with me that she knows it will take time to decide what’s next for her, but that doesn’t ease her pain.  Many times, she has felt left out, disappointed, and that nothing is working out for her. 

Most of her life, she views herself as a woman of independence and perseverance.  Today she feels immobile. 

I think we can relate to both parts of her.  My suggestion, after allowing her to hear herself speak, was that she start with what might seem to help TODAY.  

For her that help was to write what she needed and name one person she feels safe with to ask for help?  Then I suggested she read her list of needs out loud right before she falls asleep and to ask for a dream that might help her with something on her list.

The mystery of life is that one day an idea you have for “self-care” will work and another day it might not. 

The practice is to not judge yourself for feeling the way you feel, meaning, “Oh here we go again, I felt great yesterday and today I am collapsed.” 

Take care…

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