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Happy Mother’s Day Ideas While in Quarantine

May 1, 2020 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

Covid-19 is still here. In our Zoom group of MOTHERS, here are some of the wants they shared:

1. Sit outside with me in the yard, put a BLANKET on my lap, and show me a SILLY dance. I don’t care how old you are. It needs to be at least a two-minute silly dance. Yes, you can wear a costume or dress up or whatever idea you come up with.

2. Make up a song and use anything you have in the house as your instruments and then show me what ya got as I sit in the living room. Yes, the SONG is about ME.  My day, and yes, all ABOUT ME; no, I am not self- centered. Just asking for what I like.  

3. Of course write me YOU ARE THE BEST MOTHER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD card, AND, make this love letter specific to why you love me versus Kate’s mom. I mean not as a comparison but as a way to SHOW how you know me.

4. Don’t ask me to do ANYTHING for you from morning to bedtime. Think you can make it through a day like that? Ha Ha.

5. Surprise me but not in the SCAREY kind of surprise.

6. Figure out delicious food for the day and night. I have COOKBOOKS.

7. Read to me, wait for it, from a POETRY book by my bed stand.  Yes, read it out loud.  No, you do not have to memorize it.  This is not a school day.

8. And I save the best for last.  Let me tell you all the things I love about BEING YOUR MOM and WHAT YOU HAVE TAUGHT ME without you being on the phone or computer or having to dash to something else.

Some of the above ideas can work if you are not sheltered in together   If you only have the phone see if something above works or ask your kids to share a story, a MEMORY of you BEING with them.

I like to PUSH IT on Mother’s Day and ask something creative from them in the sense of a CREATIVE THOUGHT, not art.  This year I will ask, “Share with me how you think the world will be BETTER when we move forward to our lives outside of the house?

Wishing you a happy, healthy time together on Mother’s Day.


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