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Working from Home During Covid-19

May 2, 2020 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

What an adjustment for many employees who so enjoyed feeling support from others across the desks and simply liked not being alone. During our Zoom chat, over and over the question of motivation landed in the room.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Get up and go outside even for 10 minutes. Look around and see something you may have not seen before.

2. Line up glasses of water in your kitchen in the hopes of avoiding opening the refrigerator. Add lemon or lime to flavor the water, but not the rind which may have pesticides.

3. Start your day doing something easy and fun, five minutes helps, then your work to do list, well unless you overslept and have no time before jumping on Zoom meeting. Congrats on good sleep.

4. Check in with yourself all throughout the day, asking, “How am I doing right now? What do I need today to feel supported? What stories am I spinning in my head that I need to stop?

5. Awareness of your critic, ” why didn’t I say something better on that call? I sounded so trite.”

6. Putting something on your desk; candle, photo of a loved place, inspirational quotation, that when you look at it, you smile.

7. Take a music break. Kick it up.

8. Be gentle with yourself. No one has a map with this unexpected change. It is natural to find your new rhythm and then lose it. You will get it again and again.

9. Some are enjoying the solitude of focus and not having to interact at the workplace. They are savoring this rare time working from home. Get to know new parts of yourself that you never had a chance to know until this stay at home arrived.

10. Take extra self-care. What is that for you, that is self-caring?

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