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Re-Entering After Covid

May 4, 2021 | by Natalie Caine | No Comments

Hugging those you missed and beginning to make plans for fun is bringing new vitality.  What clients have shared with me is they want to feel “normal life” again. They also feel vulnerable and are so sick of the uncertainty.

We all know change in our lives keeps happening.  What helps you to step forward a bit and at the same time hold the awareness that each of us chooses what works for them and it may be different than your choices.   Couples have shared, that one is ready to step out for adventure and the other is not.

Re-entering asks us to check in with ourselves about what really matters to us now.   What preparation can each make to move with uncertainty into the world and be able to change our minds?

Before Covid, you remember those days, you were negotiating with partners and friends.  You know how to communicate without backing someone into a corner where they get defensive. Ask questions, for example, what do you want to do that feels ok for you?  What do you think I want to do? Is there anything I can do to help you? One woman shared with me that she isn’t afraid of Covid since she got vaccinated, but she is afraid of people who are angry out in the world and that she might get caught in their rage either while walking or driving. Does that come up for you?

I suggest when communicating, begin with your strengths. “I can research who is serving food and what protocols are in place.  Oh, well, I can check into what our friends feel safe and not safe about when we meet.”

A caring man called to say he can’t stop thinking about the bargains he missed out on booking when the world was shut down.  Then he realized he just wasn’t ready to make the decision. It was enough for him to stay safe, feel hopeful, and not sit with cheese and crackers every night in front of the tv.

Change. It happens over and over. Look back at times you handled it well and times you might have done better. Look with gentle eyes, not the frowned critic.

Take good care.

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