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The details that aren’t fun

By Natalie Caine | Booking the round trip tickets have gotten to be guess work, because we don’t always know her finals and plans …. lately we are thinking, just book one way, now that we are facing this question again about spring break. She is bringing her roommate home for the first time and
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Empty nest

By Natalie Caine | I think when your child is gone off to college there are times the aging fear comes to visit. I have noticed I internally feel very energetic and most days I still have energy to do all I want to do, but that haunting feeling that I am “aging” visits me.
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Leaving the nest… So what’s that about?

By Natalie Caine | I’ve been thinking about her going off to college for years… I thought if I think about it , it would better prepare me… like prevention from pain… I doubt if that will work… I wish for her to discover more of what she likes and dislikes. To develop inner resources
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Learning to be present with your children

By Natalie Caine | Feel your feet on the ground. Softly look at your children. Breathe, listen, and feel.  Wait, respond, don’t prejudge what they are saying, don’t complete their sentences. Be curious, act as if it is the first time they are speaking with you. Repeat what they said and wait for their response
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Valentine’s Day from college

By Natalie Caine | SO I GATHERED GOODIES OF CHOCOLATES , CUT OUT HEARTS, THOSE FAKE WAX LIPS FOR HER AND HER ROOMMATE, CHAP STICK, AND A NEW SPLUGE… Since she has been freezing on the east coast.. I sent her a sun dress saying the warmth will come and you have this dress to
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Senior year I started an empty nest group at my house…

By Natalie Caine | Once every two months with five other moms of daughters.. We did pot luck sat and ate and talked and cried and laughed… It is a support for the transition and new beginnings all of us could be living…we used email to also keep in touch because the year was soooooo
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