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I Can’t Shift Out of My Bad Mood

A group of fun women asked me, “What do you do when you are in a funk?” I replied, “I seek and see beauty. I feel best when I get out the door.” Last week I was feeling disappointed. I could not muster up forgiveness or compassion to shift my funk. No matter what I
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My friend invited me to come join she and her six friends for a brunch at her house and lead a discussion about UNCERTAINTY. I began with a story about a woman I know. She wanted me to share this story, not her real name. Nicole has two children and lives solo. Actually, her husband
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Can You Relate To This Story? “If I tell them that I feel anxious, I am afraid they won’t include me. It just seems easier to be in the cult of wellness that is talking about cycling, juicing with added turmeric, organic food, meditation, getting into nature. Right now I am going through BIG CHANGES
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It’s Just Not Working

One of my friends is a painter, the other a writer and one a geek, as she says. When we were at dinner, we talked about the chaos of the world, the frustration of people talking on their cell phones in restaurants, and hurt feelings. I also shared about my thinking about the life of
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Mother’s Day Is Over

Can you relate to this story? “We’re here, parking the car,” said the ringing text on my phone. Door opens and in walks my kids, dog, grocery bags, and presents for Mom. Honestly, I just want that hand-written love letter about what a great mom I am. Oh, I see the card. Yippee. Who doesn’t
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Questions I Have Been Asked This Year: Life in Transition

  Whether empty nest, divorce, new career, re-locating, illness, loss, grand parenting, friendship, etc., there were common questions asked in my groups, one on one and by my friends. I wonder if you can relate?   1. I have done all I can do to make this work and it isn’t. I feel frustrated, sad,
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My GIFT from making the choice to MOTHER ANOTHER is, it took me out of my rapid MIND and into my wiser HEART. That is ongoing for me. My daughter is my teacher of what love IS and ISN’T. Love is complex, a mystery, and worth it. Mothering sits me in the unknown and invites
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Empty nests, broken hearts

Natalie was interviewed for the UC Observer article “Empty nests, broken hearts” – How today’s ultra-engaged parents suffer when their children take flight by Anne Bokma. Here’s an excerpt: “It can crash a lot of people. I see symptoms in parents like deep depression, immobilization and not eating,” says Natalie Caine, a Los Angeles life coach
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Interview From The Golden Door Resort and Spa

I had the joy of returning to THE GOLDEN DOOR RESORT and SPA to present “Navigating the Unknown, Life in Transition,” for a week.  I know some of you were sitting at dinner during this interview and others couldn’t attend. I was interviewed by Kathy Van Ness, COO/General Manager of the Golden Door as part of their
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What Is Possible

1.  To help those I love be a fuller range of themselves by my being a solid listener and cheerleader. 2.  To fully enjoy an ordinary day and appreciate ordinariness. 3.  To ask, what can I do for you? 4.  To remind myself that I am more than what I feel and know about myself.
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How to Deal with Empty Nest Loneliness

Natalie was recently interviewed for an article on Next Avenue. You can read the entire article here. Below is an excerpt: But Natalie Caine, an expert in empty nesting and other life transitions, tells me this phase is more complex than simply missing the family dynamic. Like the children who have just exited, we adults
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How to Recognize and Deal with Empty Nest Syndrome

Natalie was interviewed for an article at the MetLife blog. You can read it in its entirety at Below is an excerpt: “I didn’t think I would have my phone velcroed to me in hopes of hearing from her even though I love my career and have friends, family and a marriage. I found
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