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A Bud of An Idea

During a transition, meaning you are no longer where you use to be and you don’t know where you are headed, a bud of an idea to lift your spirits is worth watering.  A woman shared with me that she knows it will take time to decide what’s next for her, but that doesn’t ease
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It’s Your Time

Day of Calm Retreat WHEN: Saturday, February 23TIME: 10 am to 3 pmHOW MUCH: $150WHERE: THE GATHERING:   665 Swarthmore Ave. Pacific Palisades INCLUDES: Morning and Afternoon Guided Meditation, Yoga, and Life Transitions Workshop.  We will also provide a delicious and healthy lunch and snacks throughout the day.   Meet Our Retreat Leaders: we are excited to bring you some of
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Navigating the Unknown: Palisadian-Post

I have been through floods and fires and earthquakes and riots…

Period of adjustment: ‘Empty-nesters’ look to tears — and travel

Natalie was interviewed for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article “Period of adjustment: ‘Empty-nesters’ look to tears — and travel” by Len Barcousky. Here’s an excerpt: Natalie Caine says tears — shed by both fathers and mothers — are not unusual during such transition times. Ms. Caine leads workshops and counsels couples and individuals as they face a
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How to Cope With an Empty Nest

Natalie was interviewed for the AARP article “How to Cope With an Empty Nest” by Sarah Elizabeth Adler. Here’s an excerpt: That said, if you’re distraught, you’re not alone. Natalie Caine, the founder of Empty Nest Support Services (which she started the year before her own daughter left for college), says that grieving is normal, whether
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Developing Skills for The Unexpected in Life

You are no longer where you were and not sure what’s ahead for you. It is natural to collapse and stand tall over and over until you find your rhythm. Change happens. It is amazing we never had classes in school that prepared us for the unexpected. I know we are spread across the country and
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Empty Nest – Finding Your Rhythm

Posted in the Palisadian Post Aug 31, 2017


I drove to Santa Barbara to be with my friend who I have known for twenty-five years. We don’t get enough face-to-face time because she no longer lives in California, as I do. Isn’t it the best knowing you are going to be with someone who gets you, who carries your HISTORY, who could care
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If you know me, you know I love mentoring. No one wants to develop his or her life without support. I have had help and am daily grateful. You know how you have an idea and you are flowing along and then you lose momentum? It happens. What I hope for you is that along
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Father’s Day

Adoption or birth of a child, fathers are ecstatic playing with their children. The love they give and receive changes them. Sure, you hear the stories of how they are showing up more by getting time off and taking it from work and how some are happily taking the role of care-taker as their wives
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Try Something You Don’t Typically Do

Change: I think women and men have lived with themselves long enough to know what they enjoy, what they are good at, and what people acknowledge about them. I wasn’t surprised when I asked the women to write a short response to those above questions and many felt stuck. They said, “I don’t know what
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A major life transition is happening in May and June; high school, college, and grad school graduations. What I have been hearing from parents is how proud they are as their tears touch their face. They can’t believe they are viewing their child, grown, and crossing the stage to receive that diploma. For some families,
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